Dandridge self-storage expansion gaining momentum

Multi-story, climate-controlled storage facilities have been filling the development pipeline in Knoxville recently, but it’s not the only place in East Tennessee where that trend is taking root.

In Dandridge, Do-It Yourself Storage this spring opened its third building, a 221-unit structure near the intersection of I-40 and Highway 25-70. Each of DIY’s buildings has two stories, and the newest one includes two sets of stairs and two storage lifts. The buildings are unmanned, with customers able to rent units using an on-site kiosk or DIY’s website.

Owner Megan Maple said her competitors were initially skeptical about whether anyone would choose a second-floor unit, but she said those floors are full in her first two buildings, and they began renting second-floor units in the newest building last month.

“The second floor is $10 cheaper than the ground floor,” she said. “People rent on the second floor to save $10.”

Maple said her facility draws customers from a large region, including Newport, White Pine, Morristown and even Knoxville. While many of those renters don’t need climate-controlled space, she said DIY has kept prices low to fill the buildings up.

A number of multi-story, climate-controlled facilities are on the radar screen in East Tennessee. A Charlotte-based developer is planning a 758-unit facility near West Town Mall, in Knoxville, while a multi-story facility on Middlebrook Pike is currently under construction.

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