Valet storage company adds service in Knoxville

A Denver-based storage company that provides pick-up and drop-off service has begun operations in Knoxville.

ClosetBox was founded in 2014 by Marcus Mollmann, and operates in 88 markets across the country. The company’s business model is to provide valet storage service by picking up a customer’s belongings, storing them at a facility on Prosser Road, and delivering them when the customer wants them back.

Spokesman Travis Henry said ClosetBox partners with local moving companies to provide the delivery service, and uses technology that routes empty trucks to people who need storage.

Asked about the company’s target customers, he mentioned home buyers who are between residences, or the parents of college students. Henry (who is not related to the former UT running back of the same name) said college students often need summer storage, but typically their parents make the purchasing decisions. His own daughter went to college in California, and Henry said a valet service “would have been ideal for me.”

ClosetBox’s storage rates vary by ZIP code. Henry said that in the 37932 ZIP code, for example, the cost to rent a 10×10 unit is $138.99 per month. The pickup charge ranges from $99 for five-month customers to $199 for 3-month customers, with an identical delivery charge when the belongings are returned. There is no pickup or delivery charge for customers who rent for a year or more.

Deliveries must be set up in advance, which may be a drawback for customers who need service in the middle of the night, or at other unusual times. Henry acknowledged that ClosetBox won’t be a fit for everyone. “There are some people who need access all the time, 24-7, and we’re not for them … And there are some people who just want to move their own stuff all the time, and that’s great.”

But he added that “We think we’re an option for people who don’t want to do the heavy lifting.”

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